Bad Brains


Bad Brains

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Side A of Kahn & Neek’s ‘Gorgon Grime’ cassette

‘A 40 minute sonic bricolage of golden era grime pieced together by Kahn & Neek.

Sounding like a battered TDK 90 that’s been taped over so many times, cracks in the layers appear. Fleeting snapshots from the last 10 years of grime culture appear through mists of tape hiss, reverb tails and sound bytes.

Short sections of now iconic tracks made in bedroom studios and bounced across the London pirate airwaves via tower block rooftops surface through the crackle and hiss, laced with the gulliest bars from the most respected MCs in grime.

This cassette captures the rough & ready attitude and raw energy that made this period of UK urban music so timeless.’

Side B below

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It Must Be Nice… - The Rival Mob

New song off their upcoming LP “Mob Justice”. Very neat image taken by Reid Haithcock(?) at one of their Democracy Center shows.

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Kung Fu Kick (Kahn & Neek remix)

Man like Kahn & Neek are f*****g s**t up with this remix madness.

heard this earlier, fucking BIG tune

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