Second 7” No Way Out E.P. is out now


forgot to mention,our second self-release 7” NO WAY OUT E.P.(Asia version) is available at below store/distros in Japan.

Hyper enough
Punk and destroy
Record shop base 
Nat records
Time bomb
70s records 
Record shop Answer
waterslide records
Record boy 
delta market
Record Knox
Akasic distro
mocchie distro
too circle records distro

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text post


in 3 weeks, i turn 28. everyone i know is married/getting married/having kids/buying houses and i’m just like “pizza’s really cool, man”. ain’t mad.

too close to not reblog, ‘cept i turn 28 in 2.5 weeks.

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Shottaz of da year - Big H & Paper Pabs

Throwback video

Used to bang out this tune back in the day

Not strictly grime but i couldnt care less

" I know some Aki’s who will merk you then say Ishbillah, dont test me star"

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Santa Rollins. Black Flag, 1982


Santa Rollins. Black Flag, 1982

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if a song dont got gun sounds and reggae air horns is it even hot??

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